2-Day Lake Eyre Tour Package escorted by Graham Reid, veteran Lake Eyre tour guide

Due to other tour commitments, we have 1 final flight departing Brisbane on 24 August 2019

Join Graham from Brisbane Airport in a high-winged chartered aircraft, two seats either side of single aisle and toilet equipped. He will share his knowledge on the river systems, deserts, & properties along the way.

This package includes the Birdsville Hotel and overnight accommodation in Port Augusta.

This is what one passenger said after her experience on 10 & 11 August 2019: 

 20 hours ago
We have just done a 2 day tour with Graham of Travel West . Amazing. Outstanding. Graham is an encyclopedia of knowledge about the rivers , stations , farms. Industry etc. We had a wonderful time and would highly recommend Travel West to anyone who wants a Lake Eyre experience.

This is a fantastic 2-day package and a great taste of the Outback – you’ll love it!

Departing Brisbane on your journey to see Lake Eyre, one of Australia’s true natural wonders with a basin area encompassing three states, covering approximately 1.2 million square kilometres. Can you imagine a great lake, right in Australia’s centre, which is around the size of Italy, France and Germany combined! Graham’s commentary will have you enthralled about the vastness of not only the lake but of the river systems and properties in outback Australia.

The historically dry Lake Eyre transforms into a water life oasis, so join us to witness life returning to Australia’s desert. Graham says, “It’s not just about the water in Lake Eyre, it’s the journey of the water to get there”.

This amazing flight, offers a unique experience to view this water mass and natural wonder from the air, including the Cooper Creek Channel Country and Lake Yamma Yamma, the largest lake in Queensland.

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Lake Eyre in a day