10 May, 21 June & 16 August 2021

Have you ever been travelling around the country and wanted to pull up and have a yarn to a farmer about life on the land?

There are so many different types of operations from family units to multinational outfits. They all have their own special place in what makes up rural Australia.

Graham said “Of course you will have to listen to the ABC radio Rural Hour at noon each day we’re travelling”. Graham was brought up on a farm in South West Western Australia, he has a real appreciation for people on the land and some of the challenges they face daily. Graham’s time on the farm was cut short but he stayed working in the rural environment until he went to Europe to drive tour coaches. (But that’s another story for later). Graham says “I loved living on our family farm near Kojonup, every kid should be given that opportunity to grow up on a farm”.

It’s this intimate knowledge of all things rural that has lead Graham & Deb to develop this new experience for people to get involved in rural life for a week.

Ever wondered what an exclusion fence is, how graziers coexist with oil & gas companies, how ‘Cubbie’ Station manages its irrigation water, how dingos interact successfully with farming operations and what occupies one special farmer after farming.

The diverse range of operations experienced in the week away will leave you wanting more and give you an appreciation of where your next meal is coming from.

Travel West is giving people the opportunity to do just that with their Outback Queensland Stations 4WD Tag Along Tour. Of course, Graham & Deb will be there to lead you from the first night on a property east of Roma till the last night in Longreach.

“We had a great time researching this tour and fine tuning to take in as much farming/grazing content as possible. I can’t wait to share this with guests” said Graham.

For more information, give Deb a call on 0428 545 954 or email info@travelwest.com.au