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Birdsville Races Air Packages from Brisbane

Birdsville Races Air Packages

Birdsville Races - nothing beats being in Birdsville for the first weekend in September! Only 8 seats still available on this unbeatable package! BOOK NOW A unique and true outback race meeting, the first race meeting held at the newly formed township of Birdsville, situated on the Diamantina River, eight miles north of the South Australian border, was held on the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of September (1882), and was largely attended, nearly 150 station owners, managers, stockmen, and other employees being present. Today it is among one of the best events on offer in Outback Queensland, winning many awards over the years. Packages depart from Brisbane on Thursday 31 August and return on Sunday 3 September 2017. Package 1 - $2439.00 per person twin share tent Package 2 - $2017.00 per person twin share tent See attached pdf for full details of packages. Photography from the Birdsville Races courtesy of Tourism and Events Queensland/Reichlyn Aguilar, Cathy Finch & Debbie Reid

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11 Day Air Safari to Outback Australia

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Lake Eyre in a Day from Brisbane

Lake Eyre 1-Day Scenic Flight

Following unseasonal rain in western Queensland this year, there is loads of water coming down the Diamantina and heading for Goyder Lagoon & Lake Eyre! Let Graham guide you over some amazing country to see Lake Eyre.  Graham said “I have just returned from the Birdsville Races and the one thing that I really liked seeing was the Diamantina River and how high the water was flowing under the bridge on the outskirts of Birdsville. With so much unseasonal rain this year, there’s so much more water on its way to Goyder Lagoon and then heading to Lake Eyre. The Channel Country is an incredible sight and this will be your last chance to join me on a life changing day out!" Join Graham from Brisbane Airport in a Fairchild Metro 23 and he will share his knowledge on the river systems, deserts, & properties along the way. Another highlight of course, is a visit to the iconic Birdsville Hotel. This trip is so much more than just seeing Lake Eyre, it’s also about the journey of the water to Lake Eyre! You will depart from the General Aviation Terminal at Brisbane Airport at 7.30am in a Fairchild Metro 23 with 17 other guests. This aircraft has a single aisle with single seats either side so you will have a window seat all day and at times you will also be able to see out of the window on the other side of the plane. You will fly to Birdsville via Charleville before following the Diamantina and flying south over Goyder Lagoon and then over the southern section of the Simpson Desert. Spend almost an hour over Lake Eyre North going as far south as Belt Bay, the deepest point in Lake Eyre North. Return to Birdsville where you will have about 45 minutes to visit the famous outback pub! We call into Charleville briefly on the way back to Brisbane, arriving back to the General Aviation Terminal at around 8pm. Cost $2250.00 per person Price includes a light breakfast, lunch, light evening meal, water & snacks throughout the day. This is a fantastic day out and a great taste of the Outback – you’ll love it, As Graham says “it’s not all about the water in Lake Eyre but the journey of the water to Lake Eyre”. [wpdevart_youtube]zUbW1M6X4Ro[/wpdevart_youtube]

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